We like to make things simple. There are 3 pieces of information needed, are your; 
  • Contract End Date
  • Current Prices 
  • Your Usage.
Accessing this information couldn't be easier, all we need from you is a completed Letter of Authority (LOA).

Such a simple process, we will do the work whilst you run your business.

Without your permission WILL NOT enter you into a Gas/Electric contract.

Without access to the energy industry's crystal ball, there is no definitive answer, but with our expertise and supplier portfolio, we are able to follow trends and pass our recommendations directly to you.

Prices are able to be 'locked in' as much as a year in advance, if the prices are comparably low, we will recommend doing this early.

Energy prices work just like petrol prices do, steady increases and (sometimes) not so steady reductions.

Ultimately with XGP  you will have a dedicated, experienced team reviewing the market daily and advising on when is best to contract.
By completing a Letter of Authority (LOA) with XGP, we are able to access prices from over 20 suppliers, including your current one where possible, we then give you the choice of the best the market has to offer.

Once you have reviewed the offers, we then arrange the contract of supply for you, leaving you to take care of more interesting matters!

We are not incentivised or affiliated with any given supplier, however, our relationships with suppliers can potentially present better pricing than going direct, so switching to a new supplier will only be recommended if they are offering you a better deal or service than your current one.

Some of our customers like to renew with the same supplier every year, as long as the deal is right, that's fine by us!

The majority of suppliers will place you onto Out of Contract (OOC) rates at the end of your agreed contract, some even auto-renewing for a year or two on higher than standard rates - something we're not a fan of!

XGP will manage your energy contracts from start to finish, we can even terminate your contract in time to prevent auto-renewal, to do this, we would only require your permission to do so in your Letter of Authority (LOA). Of course, you'll be kept informed and will make the final decisions.

Although your current supplier may have placed you on OOC rates, when it comes to negotiating your next contract, they might be offering the best rates, if this is the case, and we re-new your contract back to the your current supplier, we will always try to back-date any OOC rates paid. It isn't always possible but may suppliers do comply.

If you move to another supplier you will remain on OOC rates until the transfer has completed. This may only be as little as up to 30 days, we will endeavor to get this moved sooner.
Yes, through our network of over 20 suppliers, we work with a number that offer co-terminus end dates for our multi-site customers.

Making managing your energy bills much easier!

All we need is:
  • Your bills (per site). You can submit these here
  • Signed LOA

The rest, well, it's history!

P.S You are likely to get better prices too!
If you're business is based from a residential property, that isn't an issue.
We can obtain prices for all meter profile classes and can help to set you up with a commercial contract, there will be a few differences to the set up, but rest assured, you're in safe hands!

Absolutely not!

We are happy to support businesses with all levels of consumption, regardless of the amount, we will always do our best to secure the best rates for you.
Many suppliers pre-credit check your business before giving you a contract to sign, some have a threshold of credit health to meet before acceptance.

With XGP we will explore this early, this prevents us from presenting you with prices from suppliers which may not be accepted. We are always transparent in our approach.

If you are a sole trader or partnership we will require different information to that of a limited company, don't worry, we will walk you through this simple process.

Charities/Places of worship are usually free from the credit checking requirements.

XGP adheres strictly to Data Protection Act 2018 which covers GDPR.

We have explained this for you in our Privacy Policy.
With our array of suppliers the majority now offer 100% renewable gas & electricity as standard.
We will always look to offer green energy and happy to provide a breakdown of your chosen suppliers fuel mix.

Climate Change Levy a government tax charged to businesses in a bid to support the country's. emissions targets.

For a more detailed explanation click here