What is a Letter of Authority (LOA)?

18 Jul

If you've been speaking to an energy broker, or even to ourselves, it is likely you have head the term LOA or Letter of Authority, but what is it and why is it essential to managing the switch or renewal of your energy contracts? In this blog we will answer these questions for you.

A Letter of Authority (LOA) is an essential document when it comes to a third party (broker) handling your energy contracts. Your broker must be able to assure your current or new supplier that you have given them permission to act on their behalf.

The permissions you can give your broker varies so it is important to read through any letter of authority and ensure that you are comfortable will allowing these permissions before signing.

Giving permission to XGP

At XGP, our aim is to make your energy contracts simple, an LOA is one, crucial but small part of this. We have created a standard template which is accepted by all of our partner suppliers and this allows you to review and sign with ease, knowing your contracts are now in safe hands.

But, this does not mean you are signing your life away, while we will undertake all of the necessary administrative tasks involved in your switch or renewal, we do always like to ensure the final decisions are yours and NEVER  enter into any contracts without your final acceptance, that may seem like the norm, but unfortunately, it isn't!

Your LOA does not commit you or your company to any works with XGP, it is simply permission to allow us to help. 

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Did you know?

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