Energy Broker versus Going Direct

19 Jun

In an era of price comparing, it is always surprising to hear how many businesses are 'going direct' to suppliers for their energy, under the illusion that by doing so, they are getting better rates. However, it is not always about the cost on your bills that you need to be wary of, their are many hidden costs, that may not be the physical act of handing over cash, but time, in business is, of course, money.

From buying an insurance contract to a new TV, there are websites everywhere that allows you to compare each of the offers available and they are presented to you, often within minutes, so why would we not do this for our business energy?

We have explained in the info-graphic below, exactly how using XGP compares to going direct:


One of the most precious things to your business is not your stock or your newest window display, it is your time. When this is limited, guess what, so is everything else and whats-more, time is also the one thing you can't make or buy more of!

We conducted a study on the amount of time it would take for one customer of XGP to use our services or to go direct. Once XGP have all of your required information; your current bill and Letter of Authority (LOA), it takes us as little as 3 minutes to collect prices from up to 20 suppliers. Taking into account, that you would need to call each of these individually, confirm your company's details each time, we have calculated that this same exercise, would likely take you over 8 hours to complete, all before you have to work your way through each offer and industry jargon to find the one for you!

Repeating your company details

Each supplier works independently of each other, of course they do, they're in competition, so are they going to preare each other with your file before you call? Absolutely, not.

This means, every single supplier you speak to, will ask you the same question and you will give the same answer. With XGP, our customer's complete a single universal LOA, this allows us to submit this across our supplier network and each are already aware of your business details and prices are then released. With this, you do the LOA once, we do the rest.

Saving you time and your patience!

One contact

We have only just covered repeating yourself to get prices, imagine you need to call back, will you speak to the same person when calling the supplier direct? You can almost bet you won't. At XGP, you absolutely will. However, in the event that your point of contact is not available, our systems allow any other member of the team to support you, or schedule a return call, the same day - guaranteed!

Your needs come first

Our aim is to save your business money, to us, it really isn't important who you chose to contract with, whether this is switching to a new supplier or renewing with your own. We are not directly affiliated with any supplier in particular so you will never find us pushing you towards one supplier or another, however, each supplier you speak to, wants your business and with this comes some, quite often, pushy sales tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Among this, there are many other benefits to working with XGP with our range of services, if you're undecided, read our testimonials, but if you've already decided that working with us is right for your business, we're ready to help. Contact us today.

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